2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 To Debut On July 14


The Ioniq 6 is the next major EV from Hyundai. It will be the first zero-emissions sedan to be revealed. A new report suggests it will debut at the Busan Motor Show on July 14.

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The automaker didn't provide the information, but TheKoreanCarBlog provided it. This blog is a reliable source of information for the South Korean automobile industry.

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Although the Ioniq 6 was originally scheduled to launch in March or April, Hyundai decided to postpone its launch due to last-minute changes to certain.

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According to the rumours, Hyundai Chairman Chung Eui Sun requested that the modifications be made before the electric sedan can hit the market.

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The changes reportedly include modifications to the front and rear bumper for a more aerodynamically-optimized shape and extra range at a single charge.

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The EV is expected to be available in the United States for the model year 2023.

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The project CE is internally known as the Ioniq 6. It will be based on the Prophecy design philosophy starting in 2020.

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According to the automaker, it is an "Electrified Streamliner", which matches the design concept. The production model's design will, of course,

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