New All-Electric Alfa Romeo Giulia Could Debut In 2027

Alfa Romeo is now part of Stellantis which means it now is equipped with the technology and support needed to push for total electrification of their range as per an article published today will take place within five years.

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The Italian automaker will continue offering the Giulia which is a sleek electric car, which appears to come with a an adequate (Lucid-rivalling) range , too.

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The present Giulia (pictured above)debuted on the market in 2016and it was updated by 2020 and, once removed the car will likely be a break in the brand name until EV comes out.

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It is possible to keep it running until 2027, but it's unlikely to remain in that range for long given it a look that doesn't suggest Alfa Romeo can or wants to introduce any kind of electrified version.

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It is believed that the electric Giulia is expected to be able to cover a large distance, due to the battery packs that are expected to range in size from 101 kWh up to around 118 kWh, allowing the possibility of a range of 800 kilometers (497 miles).

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The possibility of an 800 volt battery could be a possibility and likely a necessity considering it was revealed that Alfa Romeo CEO said fast-charging will take only 20 minutes.

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What all this implies is that the newly revealed Tonale crossover, which is the first electric vehicle Alfa has ever built in its history, will last for five years, and will be replaced by an electric vehicle by 2027.

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There was a previous report that the most popular model for Alfa Romeo will be a larger SUV and not the Giulia but both are likely to be built using the same Stellantis STLA Large platform and the replacement for the Tonale.

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