Just 5 tanks of gas could buy you an electric bike


There is no time like the present to find a cost-effective alternative to driving, as the average national gas price has surpassed $5 per gallon in the US. It's even better if that money-saving alternative is fun, efficient, healthy, and better for your children's health.


Given how much gas costs right now and how big many American cars are, you would be surprised at how few trips to the gas station it would take to buy you a brand spankin' new electric bicycle that could replace many of your daily trips.


Many people have saved thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars by replacing their cars or trucks with e-bikes.


It would take you surprisingly few fill-ups to buy an e-bike if you drive a big truck. F-150s have a 26-gallon fuel tank, so a fill-up costs $130 at $5 per gallon.


Depending on where you live, many of you reading this are paying more than $5 per gallon. Currently, California averages around $6.50 per gallon.


Just five gas tanks at $5 per gallon could get you a budget-level electric bicycle. Electrek has tested several Amazon e-bikes, including those $600 specials from Ancheer.


If you drive a truck, it's just five tanks, or around seven to eight tanks if you drive a sedan. Those of you who drive SUVs are around six tanks.


Of course, that Ancheer is a fairly basic electric bicycle that will just get you started. The cost of a few extra tanks of fuel isn't that high if you're willing to put up with a bit more driving.

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