Aptera Wants Tesla Charging Connector


Unlike many other solar EV prototypes, Aptera's solar EV prototypes feature Tesla's proprietary charging connector, not the standard one.

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We don't know how Tesla feels about Aptera's intention to implement and use Tesla's solution, which was announced back in 2020.


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In the US, most industries use the J1772 connector, while in Europe and other parts of the world, the Type 2 plug is used.

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According to Electrek, Aptera's CEO Chris Anthony recently stated during a Q&A session that

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The Tesla solution does look and operate more smoothly, resulting in a better user experience, he does have a point.


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Aptera intends to use this type of connector to access Tesla Superchargers without adapters. However, how will they convince Tesla to permit them to do so?


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Even Tesla recently gave up on its own charger in favor of the Type 2-based CCS for Europe.

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Although Tesla does not plan on giving up its own charger anytime soon, at least not in the US, we don't see this happening.

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