Fisker Surpasses 50,000 Reservations for Fisker Ocean


Audi will discontinue the Q2 after only one generation, a premature end to the baby crossover. Due to the Four Rings priority for bigger and more expensive cars, the A1 supermini will also suffer the same fate.

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According to the last part of his statement, there will be more than one model available. He may have been referring to the Sportback or Sedan, or to one of the two body styles combined with the Q3.

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Since the recently previewed Cupra Terramar will be built at the same Györ plant in Hungary as the mechanically related next-gen Q3, there is no doubt about crossover in this segment.

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Audi's head honcho did not specify which path the A3 would take, but our logic suggests it will be available exclusively as an electric vehicle.

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It has already been announced that the German luxury brand will launch its last new ICE-powered vehicle in 2025.

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In the meantime, the current fourth-generation A3 was introduced in May 2020, so it will last until about 2027.

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Mercedes will reduce its number of compact offerings from seven to four, while a recent report suggests some of BMW's ICE-powered

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small cars are at risk. As a result, the German trio appears to be switching to bigger vehicles since even though they are sold in fewer numbers, their profit margins are higher.

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