Audi Is Suing Chinese Automaker Nio Over Its Naming Strategy


Nio - one of China's most renowned EV manufacturers - has been sued by Audi. The lawsuit was filed in a Munich court last week by Audi.

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According to Audi, Nio's ES6 and ES8 sound unnecessarily similar to the S6 and S8 of Audi.


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Because of this, the lawsuit is not concerned with styling similarities, but rather only with nameplates.

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ES6 and ES8 are luxury electric SUVs, while S6 and S8 are performance-oriented ICE sedans.

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One of the few Chinese brands to successfully launch in the West is Nio. Last year, the company introduced its EVs in Norway, and it plans to launch it in Germany in 2022


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There's no doubt that Nio's success in Europe is influenced by its reputation for high build quality (which Chinese automakers have struggled with).


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