Australia Target To Boost Electric Car Supply

AUG 19, 2022

The Australian government announced on Friday that it would adopt new rules.

Aimed at reducing emissions from vehicles to encourage the use of electric cars.

Only 2% of the cars offered within Australia are electric.

Compared to 15 percent of vehicles sold in Britain and 17 percent in Europe.

The nation could be a dumping site for cars that cannot be sold elsewhere in the future.

In addition to Russia, Australia is the only OECD country that does not be developing or not yet have standards for fuel efficiency.

which will encourage producers to offer more zero-emission and electric vehicles.

The government will issue an open-ended discussion paper in September.

Focusing on accelerating EV adoption, enhancing accessibility, and exploring possibilities to meet the fuel efficiency requirements.

As of now, just eight EV models that cost less than the A$60,000 are available in Australia in comparison to 26 models in Britain.