Baidu Reveals Close-To-Production Concept For Jidu Robo-01 EV

China's Baidu has been compared to Google due to many similarities between the two companies, and just like its American counterpart, Baidu has automotive ambitions as well.


Baidu intends to build and sell cars, though not under its own name, but under a new brand specially created for the purpose, unlike Google, which funds the autonomous ride hailing service Waymo.


We got a glimpse of Jidu's style and philosophy when it was announced a few months ago, but now we get to see its first production vehicle, the Robo-01. In essence,


This is the vehicle that will go into production in 2023, since Jidu claims it is 90 percent representative of the finished product.


The company refers to its first vehicle as a "robocar," hinting that it can operate without drivers - it is also "trainable" so it can improve through use by utilizing


Another proprietary solution, a neural JET (Jidu Evolving Technology). When the vehicle interacts with its occupants, it will also be able to express emotions.


In terms of the way it looks, the Robo-01 is quite futuristic, but it’s not especially strange looking, straddling the line between crossovers and hatchbacks for body style.


The vehicle they showed had no B-pillar, and we presume that this along with regular not rear-hinged doors will be the among the changes made for production.


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