Best countries to visit if you're have electric car

AUG 08, 2022

The Netherlands is leading the charging stations for electric cars, making it the ideal destination for eco-friendly motorists in the summer.

If you're the owner of an electric vehicle and is stricken with the feeling of fear that you might be unable to charge your battery in the in the middle of nowhere.

A study conducted by the car finance firm Carmoola indicates that the nation has 90,284 charging stations - which is about 242 per 100 square kilometers of land.

Luxembourg is located only three hours to the south of Eindhoven is second on the ranking with the highest number of points per square kilometre.

Other countries where you will not ever be too far from a place to rest and recharge your batteries is Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany

Germany coming in the third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively. Belgium has 45 points per 100 square kilometers, while Switzerland has 20 points in the same space.

Germany has the largest area of land, currently has 17 people per 100 square kilometers. Austria (15 in 100km2), Denmark (13), Italy (8) and Slovenia (6).

Although every European country offers more vehicles powered by electric than charge stations.

The one that you're most likely to wait for the shortest length of time will be the Netherlands in which it amounts to just three vehicles per charge point.

At present, Britain has 16 charging points for motorists per 100 km that's an average of 30.034 points.

With the presence of around 381,163 electric motors present on our roads, this means that there are 10 cars per charging point.

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