The Boring Company Connects LVCC Loop With The Las Vegas Strip


The Boring Company has added a fourth station for passengers on the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop.

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This is an important change as the extension connects to the Las Vegas Convention Center with the Las Vegas Strip.

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The company estimates that the trip to both the LVCC West Station and Resorts World Las Vegas stop will take only a few minutes.

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The operating hours of operation for this new facility are likely to vary depending on the scheduled events in the Las Vegas Convention Center and the convention calendar.

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Additionally the new station is the start of Vegas Loop and is the first of more than 55 stops that will make up this city-wide network.

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The latter, which hopes to eventually carry thousands of people each hour across all of the corridors that make up resorts.

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is being constructed in stages that will comprise one station, the Resorts World Las Vegas passenger station as well as along with the LVCC Loop.

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Prior to the construction to the Resorts World Las Vegas station before the addition of the Resorts World Las Vegas station.

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