Brabus Revealed With Dual-Motor, 422 Horsepower

AUG 30, 2022

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Brabus has named the most popular version of the Smart Electric Crossover and added a second motor.

The sprint time from 0 up to 100km/h (62 miles per hour) will take 3.9 seconds, significantly quicker than the standard 268 horsepower.

Photo credits: insideevs

Single-motor rear-wheel drive model. it is also equipped with distinct Brabus design elements to stand out.

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Smart #1 Brabus Smart #1 Brabus was just presented in China at the Chengdu motor show.

Photo credits: insideevs

However, it's not clear yet when it'll be sold outside of China The manufacturer did not say at the launch.

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In China this top performance model is priced at around 89,000 yuan ($12,900) higher than the standard version.

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which is priced at 279,000 dollars ($40,400) prior to the addition of any options.

Photo credits: caranddriver

The exterior visual changes include a new, styled front bumper that is more aggressive, small intakes on top of the grille.

Photo credits: insideevs

Even the 19-inch wheels don't feature the Brabus logo however they are exclusive to this model of the Smart #1, and appear quite athletic.

Photo credits: insideevs

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