Buick To Launch Five New EVs In China By 2025, Including Two In 2022

Buick is the best-selling General Motors brand in China, the world's largest car market, but it has bigger ambitions as it embraces an electric future and long-term commitment to China.


Until 2025, Buick will launch 12 new products in China, including five electric vehicles. During last week's unveiling of its all-new brand identity and design


Buick's new badge and typography were featured on the Wildcat EV Concept in the US, whereas it was featured on the Electra-X all-electric SUV concept,


As of yet, Buick has not revealed details about the two electric vehicles it plans to launch in China later this year, but it did say the Electra-X previews the production model


Buick's new electric vehicles in China. As in North America, all future Buick electric vehicles will be branded as Electra.


A concept that will appear on future Buick models could be renamed Electra-X, just like the Electra-X concept.


In terms of Buick's new brand identity, the new emblem marks the first significant change since 1990. The new badge replaces Buick's circular logo with a sleek,


The brand did not provide any details about its first all-electric Buick model due in North America in 2024. This Wildcat 2+2 coupe study is unlikely to be produced,


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