Cadillac Opens 2024 Lyriq Preorders After 2023 Model Sold Out


The Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV 2024 will go on sale this fall after the Debut Edition of the 2023 model sold out.

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A $100 deposit is required to preorder 2024 Lyriq RWD and AWD models, with orders opening later this year.

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Cadillac's US customer website says delivery of both configurations will begin in spring 2023.

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If the 2023 Lyriq is not available, the waitlisters might still be able to order one, if not, they will be able to preorder the 2024 model first.

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A Cadillac official reports that the 2024 Lyriq will be more expensive, reflecting rising costs for commodities, logistics, and technology.

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According to Cadillac's website, the 2024 Lyriq RWD starts at around $60,000. The 2024 Lyriq AWD starts at around $64,000.

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In order to gain a foothold in the EV market, GM has pushed forward the Lyriq introduction by one year.

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In future model years, some features, such as a head-up display, will be available due to the accelerated production schedule.

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