2021-22 Chevrolet Bolt EV & EUV Discounts Are Unreal Over 1,100% Off


We recently shared that the upcoming 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV would come with much lower starting prices.

The Bolt family is currently receiving discounts that exceed 1,100 percent, according to the publication.



Bolt EV hatchbacks will be eligible for a $5,900 rebate on June 8, 2022. Meanwhile, the Bolt EUV crossover will see a $6,300 discount on June 8, 2022.


It seems that Chevrolet is working to offer cheaper electric vehicles, which coincides with GM CEO Mary Barra's promise that the automaker is working to provide compelling incentives for the Bolt EV.

In advance of the arrival of upcoming value-priced models, such as the Equinox EV, GM is already showing its willingness to do so.



The savings on the 2021 Bolt EV start at $12,900, which is worth considering even if you are unable to find a "new" Bolt EV. You can also get a $3,000 discount on 2021 models with DC Fast Charging,


as well as an additional $3,750 loyalty cash bonus for current Bolt leaseholders. By stacking all these discounts, you could get a $20,000 discount on a 2021 Bolt EV.


Due to the recently reported price cuts for the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV, it appears Chevy is trying to encourage shoppers to make purchase decisions sooner rather than later.

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