The Chimera Electric BMX Claims To Be Most Powerful E-Bike Out There


The stylish, sleek Chimera electric bicycle was developed by a team of engineers in Los Angeles and is not the typical two-wheeler for city use.

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In fact, it aims to be different by bringing an entirely original and distinctive concept to. It is equipped with an "high-drive" mechanism.

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According to Chimera, their BMX-style electric bicycle is the most powerful electric bike worldwide in terms of pound-for-pound.

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Chimera claims that the tiny urban bike is equipped with the "entirely new kind of high-drive motorization technology."

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Its ultra-light titanium frame improves the already impressive power-to-weight ratio. The bike comes with a new motorization technologythat Chimera explained.

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It's a high-drive motor, that was developed and patent-protected exclusively by Chimera instead of a hub-drive or mid-drive e-bike like we typically see on budget.

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Hand-wound power weighs just 1.4 kilograms, and can provide up to 5,000W of peak power and is totally weatherproof.

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The electric motor is claimed to push its electric BMX bike at a top rate of about 35 miles/hour.

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