China: Drought And Heatwave Lead To Limited EV Charging Services

AUG 25, 2022

Power supply interruptions, due to heat and drought in China affected charging infrastructures in some regions.

Sichuan province suffers the most severe in droughts since the 60s, forcing it to reduce hydropower generation.

However an extreme heat wave significantly led to an increase in demand for electric power.

In addition certain EV chargers have either been shut down or restricted to off-peak usage only.

The report mentions that Tesla Superchargers as well as NIO Battery swap stations had been affected Chengdu as well as Chongqing cities.

Tesla has reportedly shut down or slowed down the output of more than twelve Supercharging stations situated in Chengdu.

Fast chargers need more power than swapping battery stations. For the Supercharging stall V3, it's 250 kW.

Meanwhile, the most powerful stations that have many stalls can use many megawatts these are huge loads on the grid.

The general charging services are having issues, reminding us that nations around the globe need to increase their spending.