Citroen My Ami EV Buggy Sells Out In 18 Minutes


Citroen is making all the effort to to make its Ami electric quadricycle more appealing to potential buyers, even the creation of special versions with added appeal.

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One design that has been a hit with buyers was the Ami Buggy which was initially revealed under the name of the Ami Buggy Concept.

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It was so popular as a concept, Citroen took the decision to bring it on the market, making it a sought-after collectible.

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Just 50 were made According the report from Citroen the entire collection were sold in just 18 minutes.

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This is probably the most popular Citroen model of recent times... However, aside from that it does show Citroen the path to take towards making the Ami an attractive

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and attractive proposition for potential customers: market it as distinct special editions in small numbers, or make it a sort of product that is fast-fashion,

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We understand how those who would never thought of having an Ami would consider this car to be cool especially in the European countries where teens can drive.

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Citroen created the idea with tough looking headlight grilles. the correct bull bar to guard the lower section of the fascia.

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