Drako Motors Teases 2,000-HP Electric Dragon SUV With Gullwing Doors


The Vida-agogo is a folded, seated electric scooter that was designed to provide comfort, convenience security, safety, and user-friendliness in mind.

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However despite its small size it can be used by users from five feet" to 6'8" in height.

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Furthermore, it is available in small, stylish packaging and comes with a variety of attractive options.

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The design of the Vida-a-gogo is unquestionably trendy and stylish and does look quite different from the usual electric scooter. 10-inch tires, rear and front fenders.

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a wide comfortable seat with front and rear brakes, as well as dual suspensions are all provided.

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It also comes with two rearview mirrors as well as the front and rear LEDs to ensure security.

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