E-Rickshaws Powered By Used Audi E-Tron Batteries Coming To India


Using Audi-sourced second-life batteries, Nunam brings three electric rickshaws to Indian roads.

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These electric rickshaws are powered by replicas of Audi e-tron test vehicles in order to show how high-voltage modules can be reused after an auto's lifecycle and become a viable second-life use.


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The three electric rickshaws will also boost employment opportunities for women in India by transporting their goods directly to market.

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The Nunam non-profit startup developed the three prototypes with the Audi Environmental Foundation's training team at Audi's Neckarsulm site

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In early 2023, used Audi e-tron battery modules will power the first e-rickshaws on Indian roads.


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Using old batteries as second-life power storage systems is the startup's main aim, allowing them to live longer and use resources more efficiently.


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These vehicles are eco-efficient because the electric motor does not need to be particularly powerful, allowing them to be relatively light.

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In addition, these high-energy-density batteries are superior to the lead-acid batteries in common e-rickshaws currently in use in India, which have a relatively short service life.

Photo by: insideevs

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