Elon Musk Focusing On Wide Release Of FSD Before Year's End

AUG 29, 2022

Tesla President Elon Musk revealed today that his objective is to have Tesla's self-driving technology made available before 2022's end.

The goal is to launch the Tesla Full Self-Driving beta program to all customers paying in the US.

Within the shortest time is possible. We've seen Elon Musk mention the end of the year for a number of years.

However in this instance it seems he's talking about a broad beta release , not the perfected version of the product.

There's also the possibility of an extensive release in Europe however it could be contingent on regulatory approval.

Musk recently made an appearance in Norway the country that is often called to be the EV capital of the globe.

He spoke at an event on energy. Musk discussed renewable energy sources as well as the continuing demand.

The conversation then took the conversation to Tesla's FSD beta technology that has been featured in the news lately.

Musk has also stated that he would like to launch SpaceX's Starship rocket in orbit by the end of in the coming year.

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