Fully Charged Drives The Lightyear 0 Solar Car For The First Time


We've been ecstatic about Lightyear One, also known as Lightyear One, now called Lightyear 0, for many years, since it first came out in the year of 2019.

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The idea of having a vast solar array that fills every square inch upward facing of the body to offer a meaningful, free coverage, effectively making it easier to charge less.

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It actually is and will begin production later this year. It appears to not change much from the initial prototypes they displayed.

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It's a good thing that the Fully Charged Show attended attend the official launch party which was held in the sun of Spain and got the opportunity to drive.

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What do you think? Has this innovative startup fulfilled its promises? And is the Lightyear Zero worth the price of its high-end model, starting at EUR149,000?

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Based on this clip, the solution should be a resounding yes. It's a stunning car in terms of technology, and there's nothing similar to it from any manufacturer.

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Perhaps it's the Mercedes-Benz EQXX is somewhat similar however, it doesn't place as much emphasis on harnessing the sun's energy like this Lightyear.

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What was most impressive to the reviewer Jack Scarlett was that even while it's an expensive vehicle that is not within the budget of many.

Image by: insideevs

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