GMC Hummer EV Production Ramp-Up Slow, Currently At 12 Per Day


Automakers all over the world declaring that a shortage in the supply chain or semiconductor issue has slowed or ended their production,

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it may not be the best moment to start increasing production of an electric vehicle of the size of the GMC Hummer EV that has massive battery packs.

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General Motors is currently reportedly capable of producing brand-new electric Hummers at the rate of 12 per day,

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The manufacturer admits the speed of ramp-up was slow than usual due to the fact that they were working with a brand-new vehicle.

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GM has said it's using this approach slowly to ensure that it is able to attain the high-quality product it wants to achieve.

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Production is expected to rise dramatically in the second half of the year due to the beginning in the production of cells at the brand new Ohio battery facility.

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At present, the batteries to run Hummer EV's batteries Hummer electric vehicle are being delivered via LG Chem, brought from outside of the US.

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GM as well as LG Chem will create a joint battery manufacturing facility to complement the existing Ohio facility.

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