2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Final Teaser Drops Ahead Of June 29 Unveiling


Hyundai has released a brand new teaser trailer for Ioniq 6.

Image by: carscoops


Ioniq 6 electric sedan, and it's actually the final one to be released prior to the unveiling which the automaker announced for June 29.

Image by: carscoops


The final teaser image showcases an in-depth view of the frontal area, showing an area of headlights the fascia, and the bumper.

Image by: carscoops


The latest piece of the puzzle is interesting as it shows how different the final model will be in comparison to it's predecessor.

Image by: carscoops


For instance the headlights that have integrated daylight running lights with pixelated LEDs obviously have an entirely different form as compared to the ones.

Image by: carscoops


in the concept and are located more towards the outside of the car. The bulges that are on either side of the hood appear more prominent and are accentuated.

Image by: carscoops


It's possible that the Ioniq 6 may not end with the same style like the Prophecy however.

Image by: carscoops


these teasers suggest that it is not a typical-looking car. In the teaser that was posted through Twitter, Hyundai touts the Ioniq 6's "unique uniqueness,"

Image by: carscoops

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