Hyundai Delays Next-Gen Nexo Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV To 2024: Report


Hyundai has been reported to have made a decision to delay the debut of its second generation hydrogen-powered Nexo SUV until 2024 instead of the initial launch date set for 2023.

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According to a report by The Seoul Economic Daily citing the auto parts industry, the delays are due to issues in the fuel cell of the vehicle's development.

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It is believed that the South Korean carmaker had planned to begin mass production and sales for the next generation Nexo during the 2nd quarter of the year.

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This version, which is a hydrogen-fuel cell car debuted in the year 2018.

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The report was picked up by Reuters also stated that the timetable for the hydrogen vehicles for Genesis premium brand.

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Genesis premium brand has not yet been determined after the plan to create one of the initial Genesis premium brand's fuel cell vehicles was put on hold in the latter half of 2021.

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According to experts it could mean that Hyundai is considering a rethinking of its hydrogen fuel business particularly for passenger cars.

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There are two major reasons why this is the case hydrogen car market for fuel cells is shrinking, however sales of electric vehicles are on the rise.

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