The new KYMCO 'Like 125 EV' electric scooter holds up to 5 batteries and costs €1,200 in the EU

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A new model of Taiwanese scooter giant KYMCO's latest electric scooter, the Like 125 EV, has just been announced. It will soon be available in the European market at a great price.



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As an affordable, low-power commuter, KYMCO's Like scooters are popular in Europe. KYMCO has just announced an updated model of its Like 125 EV electric scooter for 2022.


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Scooters are powered by 3.2 kW motors and offer 4.3 horsepower. Even though 124 Nm (91 ft-lbs) of torque may not sound like much, electric scooters still require less power


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Kymco's Ionex batteries can be swapped under the seat, where two of the battery packs power the scooter. Each of the batteries is rated at just 50V and 13Ah, or 650Wh.


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Those batteries are used in many electric bicycles today. At around 5 kg (11 lb) each, the small size keeps the batteries light and portable. It even has an extra battery trick up its sleeve.


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In addition to the removable batteries, the scooter has a built-in battery that remains in the unit so owners can still take the scooter for a ride if both are being charged. 


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 The 550 Wh built-in battery should still be able to provide enough power for a short local trip while the removable batteries are on charge. There is a 27L storage compartment under the seat.


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There is a 27L storage compartment under the seat. It's large enough to fit a full-face helmet or three spare IONEX batteries, according to KYMCO


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