2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 PHEV Spied Hiding In Plain Sight At Goodwood


Although many drivers are complaining about the demise of the AMG V8 and its replacement with a heavily electric four-cylinder, the situation isn't all bad.

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After seeing a lightly disguised 2023 Mercedes-AMG during the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week, there are a few important things to note regarding the coming monster car.

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First of all, it will be significantly more powerful and powerful compared to the C63S model which is a mere half of the displacement.

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It will be driven with it's Mercedes M139 2-liter turbo that is anticipated to generate 475 horsepower. It's one of the strongest engines of this size ever created.

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But, Mercedes has increased it with 200 horsepower through an electric motor located to the rear of the axle.

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The power output total of 670 horsepower (680 PS) and the maximum torque is 700 Nm (553 pounds) Don't be thinking that it's much heavier than it was before.

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In reality the four-cylinder is more than 100 pounds less than the V8 which means that regardless of the additional weight of the battery pack.

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motor as well as other elements required for a PHEVvehicle, it's likely to be marginally heavier than that of the C63.

Image by: insideevs

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