Moustache Samedi 29 Electric Mountain Bikes


A new range of 750 Wh was added to Moustache Bikes' Samedi TRAIL and GAME electric mountain bikes.

A longer reach number and a lower bottom bracket height have been added to the Samedi 29 geometry in order to handle the larger battery.



There is no difference in the frameset of the 160mm GAME and 150mm TRAIL eMTBs, apart from the longer stroke shock and fork, and headset shim.


The headset shim is not sold separately by Moustache, which makes swapping between the two configurations impossible.

Moustache's 2022 Samedi 29 eMTBs have been improved by the latest Bosch Performance Line CX motor and the 750Wh battery that comes with it.


TRAIL 2's entry-level model, which costs €4,799, or $5,134 USD, gets the older 625 Wh battery.



The 750 Wh battery pack is available on the rest of the Samedi 29 electric mountain bike range.


Like the previous TRAIL and GAME versions, the 2022 Samedi 29 eMTBs feature Moustache's patented Magic Grip Control shock.

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