Munro Vehicles Electric Off Roader 4x4

AUG 31, 2022

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The forthcoming Polestar 6 might become one of the most talked about EV premieres.

Munro Vehicles, an automotive startup, was founded in Glasgow, Scotland in 2019.

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Its first offering, the Munro Mark 1 is an electric off-roader that can carry people and equipment on difficult terrain.

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It was intended to create a vehicle that could be used for industrial operations such as gold mining or forestry.

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The vehicle is now going to the USA where there is a distribution agreement.

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Munro Mark 1 is powered by a single 371 horsepower (or 516 pound-foot) electric motor.

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This power is sent to all four wheels via Land Rover Defender solid axles.

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This vehicle was largely inspired by an off-road vehicle called the Ibex. Munro Vehicles reengineered that vehicle.

Photo credits: insideevs

 They claim it can reach 168 miles (270 km), on one charge (on road) and will also have fast charging.

Photo credits: insideevs

Polestar Electric Roadster Concept

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