Next Toyota Crown Accurately Rendered After Patent Images


For over 15 generations of for 15 generations, the Toyota Crown has been mainly advertised as a rear-wheel drive sedan that exudes class and sophistication.

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In fact, the Crown automobile was extensively utilized in Japan to transport officials of the government.

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While there were occasions that it was the Crown nameplate was used to describe wagons, coupes.

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as well as a pickup and even minivans and a crossover in China However, the Crown has been officially an automobile since the year 1955.

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But all that is about to change with the new generation of Toyota Crown as revealed in the leak of patent images of Japan.

Image by: kolesa


Our colleagues from Kolesa have taken the liberty of creating non-official renderings of those patent images

Image by: kolesa


It's clear that the following Toyota Crown is reportedly going through a dramatic body design upgrade.

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It's now sporting a fastback with a high-riding design, which is similar to the Citroen C5 and the recently announced Peugeot 408.

Image by: kolesa

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