Orbea Introduces The New Keram 30 Electric Bike


When the first electric bikes began appearing on the scene at first, they received some skepticism as some perceived them as an uninspiring alternative to cycling.

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Today they have crossed the limits of sports and leisure and have firmly have incorporated themselves into the major transportation markets.

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Yes, some of the technologies we see in the current e-bikes with a focus on utility have their roots in the high-performance cycling industry.

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It's a great thing because the advanced components that are fitted on top-of-the-line road or mountain bikes can make city-based commutes more enjoyable.

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That's an example of the latest electric bike from Orbea, called the Keram 30. From a distance it appears that the Keram 30 resembles.

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It's true that the Keram 30 is designed to blur the lines between leisure and utility, which means you can ride it on trail rides for great weekend ride.

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It is customizable and outfitted with a range of accessories that will meet your requirements.

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It is equipped with racks for luggage to carry your belongings throughout the week.

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