Record-Breaking McMurtry Speirling EV To Spawn Road-Legal Variant


The tiny, but insanely quick electric fan car which wowed fans during the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend.

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when it set an all-time record in the hillsclimb track is expected to be made into an official version.

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British EV company McMurtry Automotive says it plans to release a road-legal model of its Speirling electric single-seater, Autocar reports.

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McMurtry Automotive's managing director Thomas Yates confirmed to the publication that a road-going version will go into production and offer similar performance.

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as the EV that is capable of going from zero up to sixty miles per hour (96 kilometers/h) in just 1.5 minutes.

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The executive also said that the vehicle that will be used on the road will be powered by the same engine.

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that is used in the track prototype, which comes with an estimated power-to-weight percentage of 1,050 horsepower per ton and an electric battery of 60 kWh that supplies

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He also said that McMurtry Automotive wants the road-legal car to resemble the working prototype as closely as is possible.

Image by: insideevs

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