Rivian Delays Deliveries In Canada Another Year, To H2 2023


A recent report by Drive Tesla Canada shows that Rivian has delayed Canadian deliveries by up to one year.

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The delivery dates for the R1T/R1S electric trucks in Canada are approaching two years behind company expectations based on earlier delivery estimates.

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Rivian had planned to begin deliveries in Canada in November 2021.

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The automaker sent an email to reservation holders announcing that deliveries might not begin until September 2022, just before the potential delivery date.

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Now, it appears that the first Rivian deliveries to Canada will not occur until the second half 2023.

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It's not surprising, even though it is frustrating for those who purchased an R1T pickup truck or an R1S three-row SUV.

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Global automakers continue to struggle with a lack of chips and other supply chain constraints.

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This is particularly true for brands that want to launch new products such as electric trucks or SUVs.

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