Rivian Offering Earlier Delivery Via "Pre-Configured" Options


We have been informed by the Rivian Owners Forum that current Rivian R1T reservation holders may be able to take advantage of delivery in six to eight weeks or sooner.

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Rivian's new R1 Shop will allow customers with standing orders to choose a pre-configured model within one week of receiving an invitation.

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The program is only available for those who are waiting on the delivery of a Rivian R1T that they previously configured.

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If they choose one of the models available in the R1 Shop, these order holders will have to cancel their preordered model.

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Whether pre-ordered R1S electric SUVs will have the option is not 100 percent clear, nor is it clear if there are any pre-configured R1S models available.

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You may not be able to get the R1T in the exact configuration you had hoped for, but this program may allow you to get your new electric pickup truck well ahead of when your original order would arrive.

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It seems Rivian will offer a variety of pre-configured options in the R1 Shop for those looking for quick delivery.

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Specifically, Rivian will introduce the R1 Shop online experience starting in June 2022 to give "invited preorder holders the opportunity to exchange"

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