2022 Rivian R1S First Drive Review: An Electric SUV To Rule Them All

Disruption is a term that is often used in a slang sense. We hear it so often nowadays that we're never quite sure what disruptive technology actually is.

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However, there is no doubt that this Rivian R1S is so good in every task it undertakes that it is an unstoppable force within the luxury SUV as well as adventure vehicle market.

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Take a trip for a few days and drive many miles of the pavement and some time in a difficult off-road track (as the course we took) and the majority likely to agree.

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The best way to explain the R1S's overall performance anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of driving one in the past is to mix the best features of the Range Rover, a Mercedes G-Class and the Lamborghini Urus.

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It's designed to bring back the classic Renault 5, the Diamant draws inspiration from the decorative arts especially exquisite jewelry. This is apparent in the striking features in the vehicle.

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Power And Poise




In the beginning it is expected that the R1S will come with the same 835 horsepower 908 pound-feet of torque, quad-motor and all-wheel-drive setup that is found in which is the R1T model.

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Similar to the R1T the automaker intends to offer a less expensive dual-motor, all-wheel-drive model in 2024, which Rivian claims will feature more than 600 horsepower and 600 pounds of torque.

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Being able to produce massive power is something, but applying it to use on the pavement (or dirt) efficiently in different driving conditions is a different.

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The R1S uses identical 135.0-kilowatt-hour (total capacity) battery pack that is used in that of the R1T as well. Rivian hasn't released the usable capacity.

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Battery, Range, And Charging


Rivian is calling this the "large" battery. As of now it is making R1S using the largest pack. However, in the future, R1S will come with small "standard" capacity battery,

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In the R1S you'll be welcomed by a well-thought-out interior that has comfortable seating that is supportive and comfortable. The seats are cool and heated, and can only be purchased in vegan-friendly leather.

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Spacious, Comfortable Cabin


An adjustable heated steering wheel available as a standard. The layout is generally traditional with the 15.6" touchscreen display in the center as well as a 12.3" the digital instrument cluster for drivers.

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The R1S is equipped with a variety of sophisticated driver assistance systems (ADAS). The system that covers all of them is known as Rivian Driver + . It includes adaptive cruise control as well as Rivian's lane.

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Assistance, Advanced


change aid as well as help with keeping the lane. To assist with reverse and parking the vehicle, there's a rear cross-traffic alert as well as park assist and trailer assistance.

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