Shmee Experiences Lucid Air Driven Up Goodwood Hill By The Stig


One of the most sought-after EVs to be seen by guests in the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed was the Lucid Air.

Image by: caranddriver


Lucid provided three Airs across to the UK including the Dream Edition, one Dream Edition, one Grand Touring and one Grand Touring Performance.

Image by: caranddriver


and the Air that was the latter was actually driven up the hill climb of the same name by ex- Top Gear UK stig, racer Ben Collins.

Image by: caranddriver


Collins is always in attendance at Goodwood and every year he takes to the hill on various powerful vehicles.

Image by: caranddriver


He took several trips up the hill on the Lucid every day. He also was able to record the fastest times for an industrial car, and also the 12th fastest overall.

Image by: caranddriver


Both of these are remarkable feats, especially for a large, luxurious high-end sedan.

Image by: caranddriver


On an event the Air was accompanied by British auto YouTuber Shmee150 as a passenger , and the pair discussed what he thought of the Air.

Image by: caranddriver


It's not just the speed that amazed the former racing driver and TV star It was the way the Air was able to launch the Air into the corners and how the car reacted.

Image by: caranddriver

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