Skarper Diskdrive Ebike Kit


A British start-up has developed a revolutionary e-bike conversion kit that uses a specially engineered disc brake rotor to power the bike.

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Generally, electric bike conversion kits cannot be easily detached because changing a wheel, wires, batteries, and fittings is time-consuming.


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A patent-protected mechanism allows your bike's rear wheel to be driven by an e-bike conversion kit from Skarper.

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This simplifies the time-consuming process of converting an e-bike. A single-piece drive and battery assembly comprises the electric bike conversion kit.

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DiskDrives replace rear rotors as well as move bikes forward. Discs weigh about 3 kilograms, and installing and removing them is just like changing rotors.


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As a brake and drive in one, the Skarper rotor has a range of 37.5 miles, depending on how you ride and how much electric assistance you use. Moreover,


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the company promises a full charge time of 2.5 hours. Like other e-bike conversion kits, Skarper's system uses a cadence sensor to adjust power output.

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From its London headquarters, Skarper claims to employ more than a dozen engineers and designers.

Photo by: bikeradar

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