Skoda Vision 7S Concept Officially Revealed

AUG 30, 2022

Photo credits: insideevs

Skoda has released the digital wraps of the vehicle, which demonstrates the way it intends to utilize

The Volkswagen group's MEB platform for its vehicles in the near future. Its Skoda Vision 7S concept previews a seven-seat electric.

Photo credits: insideevs

Crossover that places a great deal of focus on the interior space, technology and modularity.

Photo credits: insideevs



The company is calling its new corporate design the Tech Deck Face, and although it's completely different from the current design.

Photo credits: insideevs

The designers have been able to keep the character of the brand, so it's still an Skoda however it's an innovative one.

Photo credits: insideevs

It's important to become accustomed to the light clusters that look like as well as the look of the bumper.

Photo credits: insideevs

As it's the design that the majority of crossovers made by Skoda will be influenced by over the next couple of years.

Photo credits: caranddriver

It is interesting to note that Skoda chose to replicate the T-shaped light cluster on the rear fascia as the style of the bumper.

Photo credits: insideevs

That has what appears to be an integrated skid plate that is only decorative, and has not designed to safeguard the underside of the vehicle. 

Photo credits: insideevs

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