VanMoof’s 31 MPH ebike has 10k+ reservations, and it’s not even legal

VanMoof announced its VanMoof V, a high-performance electric bicycle it calls a "hyperbike" last year. Now the company says it has surpassed 10,000 reservations,


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The maximum speed of electric bicycles in most of Europe is just 25 km/h (15.5 mph). The speed limit for e-bikes in the US ranges from 20 to 28 mph (32 to 45 km/h)


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A pair of 500W motors allowed the VanMoof V concept to reach a top speed of 31 mph (50 km/h) the bike will be able to limit power and speed depending on local regulations


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The move follows a trend we're seeing more of lately: companies pushing for higher-performance, faster, and more efficient e-bikes that can handle on-road 


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This year, the company plans to deliver the bike. Initially, reservations were only open for current VanMoof bicycle customers.


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The $3,598 electric bicycle appears to have already been reserved by 10,000 people. With a third of the reservations, Germany leads the market, followed closely by the US


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The registration fee is $20, so people aren't risking their paychecks. It shows there is still a lot of demand for faster electric bicycles.


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The VanMoof V features large motorcycle-style tires, full-suspension, automatic transmission, & VanMoof's signature Kick Lock for anti-theft locking.


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Battery size is expected to be just 700 Wh, which is quite large by most electric bicycle standards, but rather small compared to high-speed electric bikes


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With VanMoof's design, the company makes sure to build a bike that's not just fast, but also feature-packed.


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