Tesla expands Supercharger pilot program


Supercharger pilot program expands to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland for non-Tesla EV owners.

Most European countries now offer non-Tesla electric car owners access to the Supercharger network.



Tesla has been expanding its efforts to open up its Supercharger network, an extensive global network of fast-charging stations, to electric vehicles from other automakers over the last year.


The Tesla app is now available to non-Tesla EV owners at 10 Supercharger stations in the Netherlands as part of a pilot program launched in November 2021.

During the announcement of the new pilot program, Tesla said it intended to gradually expand it as it tests the user experience for both new non-Tesla EV owners



It was announced in January that the program would be expanding to more stations in Norway and France, and a month later to all Supercharger stations in the Netherlands.


In addition to the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and Austria, Tesla has expanded the pilot program.


Earlier this month, the automaker added Spain and the UK. The program has been expanded again to include Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland as of today.

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