Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Tester Complains

AUG 25, 2022

While beta testers are expected to spot bugs and provide reports on the status of the software to allow for improvement to occur.

They're not allowed to voice their opinions about Tesla's Full-Self-Driving system.

A single FSD tester recently made a post on Twitter to voice his displeasure with the situation at hand.

James Locke from Los Angeles, California wrote that he still needed to make corrections and intervene in the event that FSD Beta.

Version 10.69 was activated and that more work had to be done to the application before it was ready.

In his post that Tesla concentrated too much on fixing the problem with the left turn identified in another test by Chuck Cook.

Within two hours of when the tweet went out, Elon Musk replied telling Locke not to complain since the version.

Elon Musk then responded to a message from a person who took James his side.

Tesla will increase the cost of FSD FSD choice to $15,000. This will be in effect for the United States, a $3,000 increase that goes in effect.