Tesla Model 3 Get Crushed By School Bus

AUG 29, 2022

What can you do when you're seated behind the school bus on the back of your Tesla and the driver of the bus suddenly begins to reverse.

If you're unable to quickly get away from the way or notify the driver, your vehicle could be damaged.

Which is exactly what happened in this instance. The car ended up back across to the rear of the Tesla Model 3.

The above video has several fascinating clips that could teach drivers important lessons.

This is because it features footage taken by Tesla's in-built dashcam (TeslaCam) and the camera-based Sentry Mode security system.

As you'll notice, the video could be useful in showing drivers how to behave and, most important how to not do it.

The story goes that Tesla Model 3 owner Kane drove up behind the school bus in front of a stop signal.

He didn't leave much room and was left with nowhere to go once the driver of the school bus started slowing down.

It's clear that the bus driver didn't know the Tesla was in the rear however this might not have been the case.

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