Tesla Stops Model 3 Long Range Orders

AUG 13, 2022

Tesla has announced that it will not accept on new business for their Model 3 Long Range, one of the most sought-after models, across Canada and the United States and Canada.

Tesla has adopted the new business model to avoid introducing time frames for delivery that are too long for its customers.

There's a rush right now to purchase electric automobiles as the technology becomes more widespread with the hope that it.

Over the near future, increases in demand due to the rise in gas prices as well as the federal EV incentive set to be in place within the next hour.

For Tesla we have previously mentioned that the increase in demand has led to an increase in the demand for its models in various regions in the United States.

The month of March led to numerous Tesla models being out of stock until 2023 within the United States.

The company's CEO was in May. Tesla President Elon Musk stated that Tesla may stop accepting orders on certain vehicles due to the delays in delivery as backlogs grow.

You can observe it appears that as you can see above, the Model 3 Long Range is currently greyed out and is unable to be purchased.

The image above comes of Tesla's US configurator, however Tesla's model isn't offered in Canada.

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