Toyota Recalls Its First Electric Cars Amid Fears The Wheels Could Fall Off


Toyota is forced to recall 2700 cars that were its very first electrical vehicles due to fears that the wheels might break off

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which is an affront to the world's biggest carmaker's plan to launch an electric car that is solely battery powered.

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The worldwide recall affects the Japanese manufacturer's bZ4X sport utility vehicle, which is the first step to develop a completely battery electric vehicle (EV) following

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the company found a flaw with the bolts connecting wheel to chassis. The company is examining whether the parts should be replaced.

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"Until the remedy is available, no one should drive these vehicles," the company stated in its statement.

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Toyota is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world by sales over the past two years, beating Volkswagen.

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But unlike its German rival , it hasn't adopted all-electric technology to the similar extent, but aiming to produce traditional fossil fuel vehicles,

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The company claims that more consumers will be able to purchase hybrid cars until the infrastructure of electric charging stations improves.

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