Tritium Opens Fast Charger Factory Tennessee

AUG 25, 2022

Tritium is celebrating the opening of its first factory that produces DC quick chargers within the US.

The new plant, which was revealed in February, may be the largest in the United States.

With the possibility of installing up to six production lines to provide the capacity of 30000 chargers per year.

The company anticipates creating over 500 jobs in the state within the five years to come.

 The facility it will begin with a single production line. Initially it will make its Tritium RTM model.

The first quarter of next year is when Tritium plans to begin manufacturing of its PKM150 which is a 150-watt charging station.

 Four PKM150 could be connected with a single power cabinet to create an electric charging station.

Tritium will also begin the production of models that are more powerful such as the PK350 that can deliver up 350 kW of power.

This company has invested heavily in US investing heavily in the US, based on a projection for 35 million batteries-electric vehicles.