US: BMW Noticeably Increased BEV Sales In Q2 2022: Over 1,000 iX Sold


The BMW Group (BMW and MINI) has been experiencing difficult circumstances in US at the moment because its deliveries of vehicles dropped 20.6 percent.

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– BMW: 78,905 (down 18.3%) – MINI: 5,131 (down 45.1%) – Total: 84,036 (down 20.6%)

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The company says it's due to supply limitations and the availability of inventory.

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The good news is that BMW Sports Activity Vehicle sales were able to increase slightly, due to the local production that is taking place at Spartanburg, SC.

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For all-electric car sales, we're seeing an increase in sales during Q2 due to the brand-new BMW iX and BMW i4 and i4, which were introduced in March.

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The company hasn't revealed the exact amount of BEV sales, however the BMW iX recorded 1,081 units in the time period.

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This is twice as many units as the defunct BMW i3 a year ago. We're guessing this means that BMW i4 is the BMW i4 adds another several hundred units over.

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the previous number (unfortunately it is counted in conjunction with traditional four Series model).

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