Almost a third of US EV buyers in 2022 will buy a Tesla Model Y

JUN 28,2022

Tesla Model Y accounted every three new electric vehicles registered in the United States

Tesla launched its mass-market Model Y and Model 3

The Tesla 3 and Y accounted for 62.8% of new electric vehicle registrations

Experian Automotive released its latest quarterly roundup last week

According to Experian, electric vehicles made up over 5% of new vehicle registrations in the first quarter

Tesla grew its share of the U.S. vehicle market from 1.4% in Q1 2020 to 3.3% in Q1 2022

Kia and Hyundai make up almost 10% of the U.S. EV market, while Ford is nearing 5%

Kia took 5.3% of the EV market for Q1. Since registration data that we can compare to Tesla

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