Xpeng P5 Probably Isn’t Coming To Europe Anymore


Xpeng recently announced that it will suspend reservations and pre-orders for the electric P5 sedan in Europe.

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The company did allow the pre-orders to be made for a period of time however they've been suspended, and it is likely that the existing orders will have to be cancelled.

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despite the fact that the company does seem like they will attempt to ship the cars to those who have already put their names down to be considered for one.

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Or Xpeng might try to make them change their orders and obtain the larger P7 model that they are pushing as its primary design for Europe.

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The P5 was made available for purchase for purchase in Europe in April and had an initial price of EUR48,000.

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however unlike the model that was sold in China it wasn't likely to be equipped with Lidar. A modest deposit of EUR100 was required to make an order.

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If you checked out the configurator available on the official website you'll see that there weren't many options to choose from to the P5 available for Europe.

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Xpeng recently unveiled its third model in production which is the G9 SUV which it will likely bring to Europe.

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