Xpeng Suspends P5 Reservations Europe


All P5 reservations and pre-orders have been suspended in the four European countries where XPeng Motors is currently present.

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Just months ago, the company opened reservations for the P5 overseas.


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When XPeng Motors ($XPEV) announced its preliminary pricing last summer, the P5 sedan was its third all-electric vehicle.

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Tesla's Model 3 was undercut by almost $14,000 by XPeng to compete with it.

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After its official launch in China last September, the P5's price remained highly competitive alongside news that XPeng would begin selling it in certain European markets.


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In March, XPeng began taking P5 reservations overseas, allowing customers to set up their P5 and place a deposit.


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In order to gauge interest regarding the P5 and P7, the company opened "Experience Stores" in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands this year.

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Due to supply chain issues affecting much of the automotive industry, those plans have now changed.

Photo by: insideevs

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